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The Age of Fire

“A talan pallen ya túliltë. And the ground trembles at their coming.”
- Hunter Heren-Dur

In Dunmore, a workers’ strike has led to an explosion, devastating the impoverished wards of the city and giving the forces of the Reignic Church the decisive upper hand. Striking manufactory workers have been forcibly detained and made to repair the damage to the city.

In the Westmarch, druidic rebels have swept out of the desert and kidnapped the Duke of Kingsport, stealing him away to the deep desert and setting up an envoy in his place to rule over the city.

In the South, the Inselgött has revealed itself a volcano, erupting with sudden and shocking violence. The blast likely annihilated the pilgrimage settlement atop the mount, and the lava flows down the south and west slopes sorely threaten Vandalia and many surrounding villages.

To the North, the Elven Army has been rebuffed from the walls of Avalon by the Beleaguered, though it has not been destroyed. The Bastard God Úatar, called Ohtar, was defeated in combat beneath the field of Avalon, and a detonation of terrifying force blew apart enough of the Bloodrager vanguard to stall the assault. The Elves now wait in the Wolfswood, though what holds them back from attacking, when they do not know fear, is unknown.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Avalon the Stone Council has been reformed, though the presiding Gods and their practical power are yet to be determined. Word has begun to spread of the return of the Old Gods, though, and as the Age of Fire begins, the choices of those usurped Ascendants will impact the fortunes of all of Tarras.

Main Page

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