Old Gods

The Old Gods are believed to have been created in some form by the Elders. They represent the first anthropomorphic deities on Tarras, as well as the first (supposedly) global pantheon. They were overthrown by The Five, their one-time followers, who imprisoned them after usurping their Divine Totems. A recent upheaval of unknown origin (the Godfall) brought the Five down from their heavenly perch and in the process reawoke the Old Gods. It is unclear what, if any, other ramifications of this upheaval are.

Four of the Old Gods are confirmed to have been killed during upheaval around the time of the original rise of the Five. Those killed are Tarann, the Winter Tiger and Lord of Beasts; Elios the Peregrine, Lord of Travel; Fentar the Mirmillo, Lord of War; and Aran the Weaver, Lord of Illusions. Since the initial Usurpation event (cause and means still mostly unknown), various Ascendants have risen and subsequently fallen from Divinity, and with the tumultuous times a full list will likely never be compiled.

The six Old Ones who were not killed were imprisoned, beneath the ground in the ancient Sanctuaries of their Houses. In addition to those six, Zeekon, then newly-minted Lord of Travel, was trapped as well, having only recently risen to Godhood. According to older copies of the Book of Ar’ilden, the rise of these seven, known as the Beleaguered Gods, is the last of five heralds of the Age of Fire:

Below are the Lords and Ladies of the Houses as they stood after the day of Reawakening:

Old Gods

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